Trapped in Paradise
Join a 20+ year resident of Oahu as he goes around and explores the happenings and sights in Hawaii. Some podcasts will be dealing with local events some will be places. Some episodes will be geared towards residents and some geared towards tourists. In any case come along with me and enjoy the sights and sounds of a place that people save for a life time to visit for 10 days. I get to live here and need to enjoy it more.


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In this episode of Trapped in Paradise we go the Sheraton Waikiki to visit with some of our neighbors to the north. The Langley Ukulele Ensemble is a group of students from Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Under the direction of Peter Luongo they have traveled around the globe showing the versatility of the ukulele and the showmanship that they share with their audiences. I was introduced to them by my boss who brought me to a Rotary Club meeting in Downtown Honolulu where they were performing. They have been coming to Hawaii for about a week each July over the past 15 or so years. It is not all fun and sun as they perform shows around Oahu. They were filmed on July 8, 2008 performing at the Sheraton Waikiki in the lobby. Their nightly show is about an hour in length and is tons of fun. With Peters permission this video shows 3 of the songs that they did during that hour. At the end of the video Peter talks about their CDs for sale. I personally own 4 of them and would encourage you to support the group with your purchase of their music. Their website is Find out more about them, their history and schedule as well as purchasing their CDs in the "recordings" section of the web site. I hope that you enjoy this video and support the Langley Ukulele Ensemble! Please rate us over at i-tunes. Feedback can be send to frikitikiproductions (at)
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In this episode I get to mix my two podcasts. In October 2007 the Disney Company announced that they were going to put in a Disney Vacation Club resort in Hawaii. I took my camera out to the Ko Olina resort where the DVC is going to be built and take a look at the location. Nothing going on out there at the moment, but in 2011, the expected opening year, there will be another 800+ rooms on this site. This is big for Oahu in that it is estimated that they will create about 1000 jobs with the building of this resort. With a number of people that commute into urban Honolulu from the west side of the island, the addition of these jobs is expected to have a big impact for that side of the island. Come with me as we explore Disneys Hawaii DVC. Please leave a rating in the i-tunes store
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Lets visit the Honolulu Academy of Arts Arts After Dark event. The last Friday of each month they have a different event. At this event the exhibit of Bhutanese Sacred objects are on display. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to video tape in any of the galleries. The show has monks from Bhutan who perform a cham with horns, drums and cymbals. In one gallery a monk was working on a mandalla. It was an incredible to watch the monk place grains of colored sand, a few at a time to make this beautiful pattern. In in outside area one monk was painting surfboards. Local restaurants come out and have specialty food available for sale For more information about the Honolulu Academy of Arts, goto their website at
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In this episode of Trapped in Paradise we travel to Ward Warehouse to see an exhibition of Chinese Lion Dancing in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations for the Year of the Rat. The event was sponsored by the United Chinese Society and the Miss Chinatown Hawaii Pageant. See the lions dance, kung fu demonstrations and hear the explanation of why this is the year of the rat.
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